About Us

            Back in 2013, Lynn Teitel nearly slammed on her bike brakes when she bought a fabulous cruiser then struggled to find a cute headlight to attach to her basket and accessorize her bike. It was like riding up a steep hill on low gear just to find an accessory that was both functional and cute. Of course, safety comes first, but style is just as important.
            Rather than riding in the tailwinds of boring bike lights, Lynn decided to take initiative and create a bike headlight she wanted. With a bit of whimsical inspiration from the vintage plastic flowered baskets from decades ago, Lynn created her own stylish bike light using craft store finds and a daisy flower design; and that was the bloom of the first Pedal Brite.
            At first, Lynn hand-crafted each and every Pedal Brite with a silk flower and an LED light as its center. As friends, family and adventurists noticed her artsy outdoor accessory at local markets, fairs and online, the Pedal Brite community wheels started to turn – quickly. With rave reviews from friends, family and neighbors, Lynn started her own small (but mighty) business.
            Now, the Pedal Brite bike brigade is pedaling full force ahead...